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Vancouver Area

Sailflow Clear - Wind   Radar   Tide
Vancouver Weather Page - Synopsis & Forecast, NEXRAD and IR 
The Weather Network - Vancouver   Victoria  Whistler 
Environment Canada -   Vancouver Victoria  Marine  Marine Synopsis 
Weather.com - Vancouver
CustomWeather 7 day forecast- Vancouver
Weather Underground - Vancouver   Victoria  Whistler
NWRMC MM5 Mesoscale 36k Domain forecast movie
NWRMC MM5 Mesoscale Precipitation forecast movie
FNMOC NE Pacific Precipitation Prediction Movie  
NOAA Pacific Surface Analysis
Weather Fax East Pacific
East Pacific Satellite
Transpac Weather
48 hour US surface analysis forecast
Unisys Satellite, visible 
NASA NE Pacific Winds movie (Quicktime)
30 day Outlook
El Nino/La Nina Predictions

Vancouver Weather Cams
PacNW Radar  Doppler Radar
NRL Monterey Pacific NW Low Cloud
Western Canada Visible Satellite
Western Canada IR Satellite
Environment Canada GOES 10 IR, Jet Stream  

East Pacific
Visible Loop
Infrared Loop
Water Vapor Loop

Interactive Cloud and Radar
Environment Canada Radar 
PacNW Animated Doppler Radar 
Oceanweather NE Pacific Observations, Sea Level Pressure
Current Weather at Halibut Bank 

Forecasting Models
ETA Forecasting Model
NGP/AVN models
Rapid Update Cycle
Dynamic models
Statistical LAMP Model
Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
UCar Forecasting Project
Radar/Satellite Loops
Unit conversions

Web Cams
BC Coast Web Cams
KatKam webcam of BC
Lahaina Web cams
Latest from NewWest
Live Shot of English Bay, looking west from Burrard Bridge
Looking SE from New West stills and movies
Orca Live - underwater from Johnstone Strait (really!)
Vancouver Harbour web cams
Vancouver Weather Cams
Victoria Harbour looking south-west
White Rock Cam and weather 

More Weather Links
Environment Canada Climate Trends for BC
Pt. Atkinson Tides (plus world-wide)

Vancouver Earthquakes

BC Road Conditions
Highway Cams - Whistler and Coquihalla

BC Ski Mountains
Ski Conditions   Live Lift Status  Alpine Cams

The Sky Over Vancouver This Month
Astrology Map - Vancouver
What Causes Tides?
Free Tide Tool for Palm OS handheld computers

Red Tide Bulletins for Pacific Region


Predict Your Own Weather

The Weather Training links to the right will give you a strong basis for weather prediction. Start with these basic steps:
  1. Check the barometer trends in Vancouver and Tattoosh
  2. See the web cams in Vancouver and Victoria
  3. Check the radar for the NW
  4. Compare the latest Surface Analysis, Marine Observations and Marine Synopsis 

Make your prediction, compare with the pros...

The Weather Network- Vancouver  
Environment Canada -
CustomWeather - Vancouver 
NWRMC MM5 Mesoscale 36k Domain forecast movie

FNMOC NE Pacific Precipitation Prediction Movie  
14 day Meteogram - (press, temp, precip, RH)

... and finalize your own prediction.



Other Regions

All US Radar Links
All US Precipitation
with local zoom
Caribbean weather
Dachew's Global Weather Links
KatKam webcam of BC
Golden Gate PORTS Composite
Global Chart Webcams
NRL Atlantic Nogaps Overlay Animator

NRL Monterey Global Long Movies  
NWS San Francisco Bay weather 
Oceanweather Global Wave Chart

San Francisco weather 
Tropical Weather Center 
World-wide Weather Cams

Specialized Services

Aviation Digital Data Services
CNN Weather
Commander's Weather

Extensive tide and current server
GOES East Imagery for past 21 days
Goldcoast weather
Hawaii's Weatherguy

Historical Charts Library

Local Knowledge software
Meteosat Images

NASA QuickScat movies
NASA Space Station view of Earth Lights

NASA Winds page
National Ocean Service Mapfinder
National Weather Center Links (everything here)
NOA current meteorology

NOAA Model Graphics
NOAA Products
NOAA Raster Charts
NOAA Satellite Archive
NOAA Scatterometer (real time wind by radar)
NWS Home Page

OceanWeather Inc.
Pegasus Racing Weather Site

The Weather Desk
The Northwest Regional Modeling Consortium MM5 Mesoscale Forecasts
Weather.com Alert services and software
Steve Dachew/SetSail.com Weather Centre

Surf Cams
Unisys Weather
US Jet Stream

US Navy
US Surface analysis
US Winds
UW Weather Graphics Loops
Worldwide Surface Analysis

World Time
World wave heights  

Weather Buoys

Buoy Weather
Current Weather at Halibut Bank
Washington Marine Forecasts
Current Weather at Tattoosh

Data Buoy Center (NDBC) Home Page

Government and Military

Environment Canada 
National Climate Data  
National Hurricane  
NOAA Marine Prediction Center   
NOAA Satellite Archive

NPMOC Pearl Harbor Web Site
US Navy

Weather Hot Spots

National Hurricane Center  
Tropical Storms

Wild Weather
Marine Prediction Center's "The Perfect Storm" page  

Weather Training

Analyzing the Jet Stream Michael Carr
Understanding Weather Michael Carr
Weather Information Sources Michael Carr
How to Sail with Weather  Bob Rice
El Nino and La Nina
Dachew's Training Page
FNMOC Satellite Training
Weatherfax Terms and Symbols

About Rogue Waves

Vic-Maui Strategy by the Weatherguy
Vic-Maui Strategy PDF document or this Presentation by David Shore
VicMaui 2000 Roll Call Logs
TransPac tactics by Stan Honey 
TransPac tactics 2  by Stan Honey
Weather for Pacific Cup by Rick Shema 
Squall Strategy by Max Ebb Publications and Latitude 38
Lahaina Web cams
Aerial Picture of Lahaina and the finish area (looking south-east). Chart 19347
Maestro Vic-Maui'98 page 




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