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Performance and Tactics

Analyzing the Jet Stream Michael Carr
Understanding Weather Michael Carr
Weather Information Sources Michael Carr
How to Sail with Weather  Bob Rice
El Nino and La Nina
Dachew's Training Page

NRL Monterey General Satellite Training
NRL Monterey Products Training Center
FNMOC Satellite Training
About Rogue Waves
English Bay Winds & Tides Don Martin, RVYC
Good Lanes and Bad Lanes Brad Read
Mainsail Controls for Performance
Mainsail Controls for Performance—Part Two
Shifting Gears in Light and Variable Wind
Shifting Gears Upwind, Part Two
Controlling the Spinnaker
Downwind Teamwork
Betsy Alison

Vic-Maui Strategy by the Weatherguy
Vic-Maui Strategy Text or Presentation by David Shore
VicMaui 2000 Roll Call Logs
TransPac tactics by Stan Honey 
TransPac tactics 2  by Stan Honey
Weather for Pacific Cup by Rick Shema 
Squall Strategy by Max Ebb Publications and Latitude 38 

Racing Rules


2001-2004 Rules in PDF (Without Cdn Prescriptions)
2001 - 2004 Case Book (scroll to bottom)
Interactive Rules Quiz by UK Sails
Animated Case Book

Protest Room Basics

Racing Rules Simplified:
1) Port keeps clear of starboard.
2) Windward keeps clear of leeward
3) The boat astern keeps clear of the boat ahead.
4) A boat Tacking or Jibing keeps clear of one that is not.
5) Avoid collisions.
6) If you gain right of way or change course, give the other boat time to keep clear.
7) The inside boat(s) at two boat lengths from the mark is entitled to room to round the mark.
8) A boat that is backing up or not racing keeps clear.
9) If you have violated a rule, take a penalty



Preparing a Ditch Bag
Sail Repair At Sea
Interactive Navigation Lights At Night

Man Overboard (MOB)



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